Well i know that the vamp topic is totally a hype after twilight… so i decided to spare another thought on it… and this time my words will be on bill from true blood… over the net i found many and different coments. well, i admit i have never read the books, but i have seen the two seasons of hbo’s series and have read the synopsises of all books…and i think that bill is my fav character , though many people who have read the books do not like him… and i think that the books have a major flaw – THAT THERE ARE TOO MANY PARTNERS IN SOOKIES LOVELIFE FOR THE READER TO HANDLE- I MEAN COME ON IT REALLY GETS ANNOYING …really it is way way way way too much personally i think that she should get back with bill in the end and that they should be reunited somehow…i mean it is more fun , because at least in books we , the readers, deserve our positive and happy ending…well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so do not hate me for sayin’ it – bill is too left behind in the books and he deserves better … that’s it, i have spoken