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on friendship

Well, , the last piece of article i read a few days ago on friendship made me think about this topic… the article was simple, not to say pointless , yet funny- how a girl should not take her bffs when shopping for they may lie to her…

but now seriously , finding true  friends can be a real challenge… because both sides have to open up, to share personal details ( which more often than not are embarrasing to some extend) ;this is a fundamental rule in order for a friendship to work… And here is the tricky part – sharing all these details makes us a lot more vulnerable and likely to be hurt if some “friends” decide to use them against us. This is not to say that i do not trust anyone and do not want friends, but let’s face it – it is difficult to find people  to trust  in…


Специалисти от британската асоциация на психолозите смятат, че при покупка на нова дреха, е по-добре жените да не се искат съвет от приятелките си. Защото е напълно мнението им да не е обективно.

Въпрос, зададен сред 1629 дами показал, че всяка четвърта не казва истината на приятелката си, когато тя мери нова дреха. Причината за подобно поведение се крие в най-обикновено съперничество – всяка жена се опитва да изглежда по-добре на фона на приятелките си.

Някои жени не се спират пред нищо и безогледно лъжат, дори и да виждат, че дрехата седи идеално. Те са способни да полеят уж неволно с вино или сок роклята на приятелката си, ако решат, че тя ги засенчва.

Учените са стигнали до извода, че по природа жените са по-склонни към съперничество и това ги кара да лъжат дори най-добрите си приятелки.

Well, i am planning on starting a fan fic for one of my fav characters , but still have to choose which one.ah, also have decided to start blogging more

GIRL DIED IN 1993, A MAN BURIED HER IN HER OWN home when she was still alive. The murderer chanted, “Toma sota balcu” as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will stand at the side of your bed starring straight int your eyes. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. This story is sadly true. If you post this 5 differnt times she will not bother you…

Well i know that the vamp topic is totally a hype after twilight… so i decided to spare another thought on it… and this time my words will be on bill from true blood… over the net i found many and different coments. well, i admit i have never read the books, but i have seen the two seasons of hbo’s series and have read the synopsises of all books…and i think that bill is my fav character , though many people who have read the books do not like him… and i think that the books have a major flaw – THAT THERE ARE TOO MANY PARTNERS IN SOOKIES LOVELIFE FOR THE READER TO HANDLE- I MEAN COME ON IT REALLY GETS ANNOYING …really it is way way way way too much personally i think that she should get back with bill in the end and that they should be reunited somehow…i mean it is more fun , because at least in books we , the readers, deserve our positive and happy ending…well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so do not hate me for sayin’ it – bill is too left behind in the books and he deserves better … that’s it, i have spoken


As it is a fact – it is the holiday season here in bulgaria… tomorrow is Christmas, so i made a special greeting or my friends and everyone who is feeling the spirit of the holidays to enjoy… here is the link just gotta copy it … please as i made it myself, i would appreciate your comments

holiday spirit

well it is the holiday season , my favourite time of the year.. and with the christmas holidays coming soon , there is no denying that there is something in the air…. the sweet smell of home made cookies and other sweets, the anticipation of the kids and , of course, the presents… it is means more to give than to receive, but the people who enjoy giving are defenitely one of a kind… they like seeing the happiness in the eyes of others, that special glimmer of joy, gratitude… this is what makes a holiday special… happy holidays everyone… or , as it is said in spanish, feliz navidad


well i was not gonna write on this, but my little cousin is an even bigger fan of the vampire diaries and she asked me to comment on it… well , to start with the show, it is cool, only i hope the producers won’t go too far on the love triangle teasers , because i do not think the world needs another soap opera and this will ruin the show for me… other than that, the show is fine, with great cast and i do love paul wesley and ian summerholder’s performance. and nina dobrev also does her role justice…
as for the books, well, they are gripping and easy to read and you can not wait to know what comes next… but i think that it has taken the author too long to end them.. i know there are two more , so the final number of the books will hit 7.. but let’s face it , it is already a bit much… as for the main theme – stefan or damon- i think that it is too late to change now and it will be stupid if elena chooses damon over stefan. if someone of the two vamp brothers should get another girl ( other than elena) it is is just inconsistent to change things , when the story has progressed so far… team stefan all the way… i like damon, but he is not my choice for life. maybe i will just have fun with such a guy…

Many of my friends wondr why i , a gentle girl in their opinion, like the hardy boys, and especially jeff… well, the truth is that it is the high flying, unique style of jeff while fighting got me hooked. to my mind this man really proved he can fly .And the truth is although not everyone likes him, he seems to show respect for others. I do not know him personally ( i only communicate with him via twitter) but i think i am right when saying this. Anyway tell me what you think, i will appreciate it

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